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 "When we come from a relaxed balanced place inside, we are able to face the world as our authentic self with harmony & joy. This is not just a luxury, but an investment.  When you invest in self care as part of your life style then you are investing in yourself. Find your place of balance in addition to your own inner and outer kind of beauty."







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I will draw from my knowledge of a variety of massage techniques; incorporating essential oils moist heat, the highest quality lotions and oils, and any other modalities that are appropriate for you.


Your service includes the use of technology, knowledge, and products designed to obtain your goal. You and I can create a treatment plan to find your individual kind of beauty.

Body Treatments 

These treatments will make your skin return to its most optimal state; improving moisture absorption, hydration and nourishment.


When your body & skin need a time out but you have little time to spare; these targeted treatments are designed to enhance your service or stand alone.  

Deluxe Combo Service Packages

Pick the rejuvenating package that’s right for you. Whether you need relaxation, treatment, or even a day at the spa. We have the right package for you. 

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